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Easy to master of Warcraft Netease suppress non-self-interest 9C move too


I never thought NetEase won the Blizzard's World of Warcraft after the agency will continue to use the Internet to suppress public opinion continues to NINETOWNS heavy to the point that seems to hatred Ninetowns to death and then set quickly. Beneficial in almost all of the NINE Network news, blog posts, forum posts, etc. Later, we can see the name of one-sided to the player's crazy abusive NINETOWNS replies. Warcraft players seem to wait for nearly million NINETOWNS NetEase is not one or two days to replace, not a year for two years.

but the reality in the end what is it? To the domestic players to the most popular World of Warcraft Forum NGA (National Geographic Azeroth Forum) to look to know, here is the real World of Warcraft players to express their views and discussion. According to Xinmin Net reported that due to the influx of large quantities of Warcraft players forum, leading to an excessive number of servers in the forum several times landing paralyzed. The views from the players we have and the topic of concern so that the player took over the agency, there are many on the NetEase concerns. New games such as World of Warcraft There is Netease agent to the transition from Ninetowns players produced such issues as who is responsible for data loss, a player or even a statement four years of emotional investment is priceless, and the World of Warcraft data loss will completely leave, do not hold this view minority. There are claims that if the player suffered data loss, the joint proceedings, which, many commentators have also expressed considerable concern, found a lawyer to invoke legal provisions, the virtual property are protected. For the reconstruction of distribution channels, increase the cost of chips such as the cost increase caused by a considerable part of the players expressed concern, but concerns owned concern, fleece, and finally the player who NetEase will still find a way back into the money and significantly to make a fortune for. On this point, in fact, fully aware of each player.

Netease hire spat chaos everywhere, as the media, public relations, their right. However, these one-sided remarks belittle Ninetowns excessive, and excessive land holding high Netease, people feel as if a proxy of the game had never done better than a Chamber of Commerce has done single-handedly bringing up four agents of Warcraft game business in the proxy done better, so there is no basis for the conclusion in elevation over the course of NetEase, NetEase to do in addition to exposing users to incur some of the game tell your, Netease will only be done into just a corner better than NINE. NetEase can do better than NINE really better? Netease CEO Ding Lei Although committed NetEase has vowed to pay close attention to World of Warcraft gaming experience, to ensure that no hacking, no plug-in, 100% smooth. But how do you think? Some say more boastful or to use the truth to speak last. (Hongyi

what this might count the number of NetEase games inglorious history, a lesson to determine the Ding and NetEase have promise success operational capacity of Warcraft:

1, Netease agent He said GM sales are linked to their own and sell levels, to make changes to grades. RMB back to the people close to others secretly changed equipment. Or use this because of who, to the woman to change equipment and money. Therefore, the

2, World II: without outage

NetEase online games, at 09:54 on October 14 in Southern Newspaper Network

(Reporter Xu Yan Zhou Wanli intern) to terminate operation NetEase old version of online game A silly players will NetEase company to court, asking them to restore the operation of the game. Recently, the Guangzhou Tianhe district court ruling against the player.

It is the ancient Chinese mythology as the background, the players in this virtual community where you can cultivate the self, regulating the family, ruling the state and the world.

2006 年 3 月 至 2007 年 2 months, Netease company March 1, 2007, entered into open beta of the game and promised unlimited up, and never delete the file. January 18, 2008, NetEase release February 29, 2008, NetEase closed the game.

old and new versions of Part of the old

hill is the old He believes that he has invested a lot of money to play the old NetEase has promised never to delete files, stop the old version of So, he will Netease company to court, asking them to fulfill their commitment to restore the old version of

3, Westward Journey 3: The charges of gross violations of the player interest in the beta players

narrative 1: Netease company produced the game Westward Journey 3 is the classic inheritance. However, in beta for 1 month immediately after the fee we have no opinion, the game continued BUG charges, was dubbed the charges beta.

player narrative 2: Netease 21 games after routine maintenance, without any legal basis of the premise, did not even have a notice, unilaterally modify the game, directly damage the interests of the player to collect the so-called fees, increased consumption of the player's money, and the suspension of Chamber of Commerce function, a direct result of the player losses over time, may I ask, that a reasonable legal? Irresponsible like you, not the player responsible. If you do not give a reasonable explanation, considering the collective sued NetEase United players!

player narrative 3: Netease company recently blocked plug-and large-scale use of plug-in players, so many players thus be a permanent title. Send an anti-plug from the Universal Declaration of NetEase, we stopped the use of plug, however, can not stop a player to be permanent title, and even most of the players are suddenly in the normal game titles for. Customer Service Department and Netease company through repeated consultations, the answer is as follows: We asked what monitoring systems have received certification authority? Ministry of Public Security? Notary public? Or other judiciary? Customer Service is the answer

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Conqueror, 224 points, 276 points from the next level need to post

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Yesterday 11:12 From
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to share the broadcast to Tencent QQ microblogging space to share collections 0 0 0 0 free foot Discuz! Technical Support QQ 800017715 Reply Report Top cited routernetcn Send PM Add to friends routernetcn currently offline Last Login 2011-2-24 permissions 30 Digest Posts 0 Credits 224 Posts 110 Gold 74 prestige 0 85 physical Passion 118 Registered 2005-4-17 Conqueror
Conqueror, 224 points, 276 points from the next level need to post 74 of 224 prestige points UID190984 0 85 physical gold passion 118 110 8 hours up the time line 2005-4-17 sofa published yesterday 11:26 | look at what is the reason of it.

Provided under the sand used: X1.5 modification method

Forumdisplay.htm template page in the forum,

I know the value of the current sub-forum of the fid, how to get a higher level forum of the gid value of it?
Posts by Miles at 2011-2-24 09:24 Edit
Provided under the sand used: X1.5 modification method to modify the default widescreen widescreen follows: site opens into a blank!
go back to change out another problem: Open a blank post and reply! The other can.
Note: clear the cache are modified! Ask for advice to solve technical ye!

How to bind the secondary domain nameDZX1.5 portal topic pages

How to bind the secondary domain nameDZX1.5 portal topic pages. How to bind the secondary domain name. Please advice the friend familiar with it. Thank you
Yesterday 12:04 upload and download attachment (64.98 KB)

Discuz! System Error Your request has encountered a problem. Error messages: your current access request which contains illegal characters, has been rejected by the system
Program messages: [Line: 0024] admin.php (discuz_core:: instance) [Line: 0051] source / class / class_core.php (discuz_core-> discuz_core) [Line: 0060] source / class / class_core.php ( discuz_core-> _init_output) [Line: 0267] source / class / class_core.php (system_error) [Line: 0018] source / function / function_core.php (discuz_error:: system_error) [Line: 0024] source / class / class_error. php (discuz_error:: debug_backtrace)

1.5 version - Back - Tools - run record - User records - prevent users from uploading

Yesterday 12:06 download attachments (2.39 KB) for each page shows the top 40 or 80 are reported fault!

Do not know why

Do not know why, visitors can always look to see half of the post, may I ask how can we let visitors see no limit to post ah? ? Yesterday 10:42 upload and download attachment (24.76 KB)
My version is 6.01, like in the Want to be heroes for help.

reason I do not know what the station did not know there was a mistake to

see page cache page address in the address of all posts, etc. to other sites with the above Although Baidu Baidu included also is the case also included the addition of this page, but out of a ; EYodo ihom was also around this do not know why it's not my EY IH did not bind the domain name. . Asked the hosting provider is not bound do not know why? ? ?

Recently did not do a backup

7.0 Upgrade 7.2 Forum, d70to72.php
not open the upgrade file according to the official, prompt steps to the second step to not open the d70to72.php
tips can not be displayed
Recently did not do a backup, this method do not mention ... ...
morning in accordance with the user manual, from the points on the modified Policy Wizard is blank before the integration of a code, modifying details and click the submit, and then find the integral before strategies are missing, the use of transaction points are gone, changed after the complete integration strategy can not find out from the points set on the set of points before, and now users of the points gone, is there any way to recover today operation? Or how to recover the settings?

host moderators put a website to do with SS

Posts by green flying at 2011-2-24 12:32 Edit

Pseudo-static rules seek DX1.5, to can, and to the Demo to see, or sent to

host moderators put a website to do with SS, SS can use pseudo-static, then my host configuration should be no problem, but changed the rules of many DX1.5 pseudo-static, still can not let my DX1.5 with pseudo-static,
Posts by jimjim at 2011-2-24 11:51 Edit

A Chinese character is not equal to 2 it? Will the UTF-8 in the Chinese equivalent of a few characters? Why I entered the 15 number will not prompt the English or longer than, but the input six characters to prompt me longer than it? Is a Chinese equivalent to 3 characters?

GBK when used before, 1 = 2 Chinese characters, can enter seven Chinese.
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