Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September Flower-Aster

Being one of the representatives of the Asteraceae family Aster symbolizes love, daintiness and afterthought. The aster is derived from the Latin word "star" and is related to the flower's star like head. This beautiful flower is grown all over the world except Australia and Antarctica.

The alternative name of the flower is the Michaelmas daisy. This frost flower blossoms in late summer or autumn. However the flower is commercially available during complete year and imported from different sources. The aster falls into more than 600 species, but not so many varieties delight people as cut flowers. Asters are grown in any shade and color with exception of clear yellow and orange. Such colors of the flowers as white, blue, purple and violet are predominant.

As it was mentioned aster as cut flower is available any time of the year and its life lasting when cut is about 5-10 days.

This flower is one of the most popular ones that are used in various floral arrangements and numerous bouquets of any season. Their bonus is fascinating color variety.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pruning regenerates the garden

Despite the glorious summer, it has been a hard year in the garden. Fox cubs, now young adults, have made the garden their playground, careering through the beds and crapping knowingly on the table and chairs, the lettuces, the cold frame and even inside one of my shoes. They came into the kitchen to do so and took the other shoe and chewed it to pieces in a clearing they had made by flattening the cleome. They wilfully smashed all the hemerocallis when they were just coming to bud and have snapped off the rodgersia to clear what have now become dusty tracks. I have been on the verge of tears and, I might add, bloodiness more than once and thanked my lucky stars that in all these years we have been spared until now.

I have been cutting back hard when things have been smashed, to refenerate plants uhat I think can take it. Where the foxes have changed their habits and moved on elsewhere, the sanguisorba are back and gleaming with fresh new foliage, as are the geraniums and the astrantia, which are throwing up a few new flowers. Fresh foliage at this time of year is a bonus as the garden has also struggled with the dry weather and is looking shabby in places. It is the usual August slump, but there are always ways around it.

Foxes aside, a good crop of foliage keeps things looking fresh and lively when the garden is over the first flush and not yet relaxed into autumn. The Clerodendrum bungei are a good example and over the years this suckering shrub has jumped through the beds to appear spontaneously and in combinations I never would have planned. You have to watch this unruly behaviour if it decides it likes you, and I'll pull the suckers where they are misplaced. Those that aren't are pruned back hard in March, like buddleia, and then hard again in early July to keep the foliage coming. Left to their own devices, the Clerodendrum bungei would be in flower by now but the second cutback delays the sugary domes of flower until the autumn. The leaves, which are heart-shaped and made larger by pruning, are about the size of an outstretched palm. They are fetid, foxy even, if you brush them, and the colour of copper beech.

Pruning hard to encourage dramatic leafage is not a new thing; the Victorians were masters and used it in their extravagant bedding schemes. "Architectural" plants such as the Castor oil plant and canna were often the focus of these schemes, but they used shrubs and trees, too. Ailanthus altissima, the tree of heaven, will produce leaves that are almost a metre long if the plants are "stooled" to the base at the end of the winter. You will barely recognise them when you see this effect for the first time and by the end of the year the plants will form a many-stemmed mound six- to 10ft high if your soil is hearty.

Pruning hard is only advisable after plants have been in for a couple of years and are strong enough to bounce back because they have their roots established. You should remember that with such severe treatment, they require a good mulch and a feed to reward you. In a friend's garden up the road, we have punched up the scale of things by "stooling" a small group of the foxglove tree, Paulownia tomentosa. The scale of the leaf is further heightened by the fact that this is a small London garden. Soft and velvety with fur, each leaf expands to the size of a child's umbrella.

I do this here in the garden with the Vitis coignetiae, whose leaves I use for serving plates at summer parties, as well as the Melianthus major, which never looks finer than in this run-up to the autumn. Each leaf is grey-green, with a jagged edge to the margin, as if it has been cut with pinking shears. They cover for a multitude of sins elsewhere; for this year the sins have been many.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

When Illness Hits Home

If you're a parent and get bad news from the doctor, your first question may be, "Am I going

to live?" But the second is probably, "What do I tell my kids?"

For most people, the honest answer is, "Not a thing." A dire diagnosis takes your breath and

your words away. It's a reaction that's natural, understandable, even wise. But silence

shouldn't be your final answer—because it won't protect your children.

"From a very young age, children are attuned to their parents' moods," says Paula Rauch, MD,

founder of Parenting at a Challenging Time, a counseling service at Massachusetts General

Hospital in Boston that helps moms and dads discuss illness with their children. "They sense

your worry even if you don't actually voice it.

"Our culture severely underestimates how many families are living with serious illness,"

adds Rauch, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. "One in three

women with breast cancer has children under 18. These days, people are able to live longer

with chronic diseases, and they're having children later in life. Everyone needs to know how

to talk to kids about illness. Everyone."

8 Superfoods that pack a disease-fighting punch.

Here's what to say—and what to avoid—to help your child feel safer during a scary time.

You: Have a health test coming up, and the results may not be good.

DO: Keep your kids in the loop. Let your child know that planned tests are making you

nervous. Kids relate to dreading a doctor's visit—that makes it easier to communicate how

you feel without unduly worrying them. You might say: "You've probably noticed that I've

been coughing. Dr. Bailey wants me to get some tests. As soon as I find out what's what, Dad

and I will let you know."

DON'T: Allow your children to find out about your worries by overhearing you. The worst way

to hear about something is to overhear it, says Rauch. You won't be able to give your child

any context—and she's likely to assume that something that can't be spoken about directly

must be very scary.

You: Receive a frightening diagnosis.

DO: Start by sharing the simple stuff. Tell your child the name of your illness and the

tests you're having—then let her guide the talk. "You can flood a kid with details and do

nothing but muddy the waters," says Rauch. "Find out your child's worries and address them."

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

1 rotisserie chicken

1/4 cup finely chopped celery (about 1 stalk)

1/4 cup finely chopped green bell pepper

1 green onion (white and green parts), finely chopped

1/2 cup light mayonnaise

2 tablespoons Dijon mustard

1 1/2 teaspoons Cajun seasoning

1/4 teaspoon hot pepper sauce

8 medium tomato slices

4 lettuce leaves

8 slices Nature’s Pride 12 Grain Bread

Remove chicken from the bone and dice into 1/2 to 1- inch cubes. Place chicken in a mixing bowl; discard skin and bone. Add celery, green pepper and green onion; toss gently to combine.

In small bowl, combine mayonnaise, mustard, Cajun seasoning and hot pepper sauce. Pour mayonnaise mixture over chicken mixture and toss gently to combine.

Divide chicken salad between four slices of bread and spread evenly. Top with tomato slices and lettuce. Top with remaining slices of bread. Cut in half and serve.

Monday, August 23, 2010

So nearly so far

Strange how good the burden of too few

Do not have to buy their silence to explain

Do not be afraid to be seen inside look grim

Do not worry about the look of indifference be known

Let us create the United States to stay away from the surface


She said every day should end as

Every day that I leave it all

Boy standing in life is I have lost

Disappear in the past can repeat itself once again

At the end of life I want to look back on what means


We say hello we say goodbye

From start to finish

So close so far away

Sunday, August 22, 2010

when I love this time

High and one children

Proud to show off in the window

Flaunt childlike mouth

Will step in the juvenile tail

My burn

We have learned to silence

The power of silence

Is a sign of maturity

The setting sun filled the Zadi

Sketch from their hands and feet

Grab entropy "Blue Duo"

Has gradually withered spalling

Hui was inclined to flee

James cast the new purple Jiang Hong

Above the most beautiful grass fiber

The mixing of the flavor of Man Chu Sha Hua

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have trouble feeling like a small moment.

I was in trouble a little temper .
One person.
I need some music .
Such as
I miss .
I mess up something .
I was punishing himself .
Let your emotions inside in that .
Trapped in the siege .
Do not want to talk .
Emotions all written on her face .
But you can not see .

Discussion with his brother on his new girlfriend to do.
I next minute the sad .
Is to choose the man they like together?
Or to vote for their habit of people around together?
Whatever .
We are the treasure that people are willing to really good for you .
Used to really really is an awful thing .
I am confused again .
I do not want this habit of confusing .
I'm afraid I started to get used to .
Perhaps this is not the pieces of bad things .
However .
I need a very clear head .
I'm afraid I started to care about anything .
Care about those things that should not care .

All right all right .
I'll Be fine .

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally .

Finally .

Your voice is no longer with me about .

You start a new love .

Is your new.

I hope you gone well .

Do not be afraid to lose rather than to fight .

Do not look too heavy score fame .

Do not think that keeping everything no one will know .

Love is a feeling that can not hide .

It is through your eyes.

Your words .

Your nerves.

Your action .

Monday, August 16, 2010

With friends about a way of life choice.

Would rather have one with Cang Long Jiong Qiu, wrinkled stone, not rare that a whole body smooth, soft and extremely soft rock.
He said that this is a wise choice. Because the small stone upon the traces of hidden struggle of life and the imprint of wave swing.
Pain in life than pure white, soft and smooth surface is more of a control stick in the end of life and attitude?

   I admit that stone, Tolerance. Perhaps this is a great realm of life. But in the end how many people will have this indomitable spirit.  
But then again. Each path in life a lot. On purpose or their own choice, I am afraid that only you know.
But looking back, no matter the taste of coffee, or stone reverie. These bring us to life are endless challenges.         

Intrigue look back on years of life on earth divergent Bay. In the past year, time, side by side, hand in hand, smiling, face. This is life.
The tenacity of many people, such as stone I have not investigated. But how many people can unforgettable scenes that are worthy of deep deliberation I went.
Think carefully, it is the fragrance of coffee, only to remember the vicissitudes stone from the depths of the soul over the last echo. Will touch a kind of mind sees.
Life does not need to say, the moment your heart smile condensation. As the night of a cup of coffee, bitter end with the night, sweet Kai and tomorrow.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Double Life of Veronique

Life as a flowering and two after

At the beginning of the tender bloom had

Your hands have been in the past for a long time

Have been behind in my

Silent embrace, when I

Never thought that there is no end

If you have two different life

I would choose standing in your eyes

Among those troubles gossip

I only saw two people the sky

Wait for time to come back here

Eyes covered with dust

Memories through the sea of love

Do not separate the two lives

Wait let you know what

I thought I saw you there in the sea of

Miss you turned and shed tears

There have been years of struggle

Those who remain in my heart

To answer two of life with a smile

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meet again, my most beautiful accident.

Suddenly remembered someone had told me that the most pleasant in this world, then

Is not an "I love you,"

But the words "together."

Thank you,

Seven months later,

Let us meet again,

This is my most beautiful accident

Can not be forced to let me also put your own

Feelings can not be forced , like a pair of shoes , even more beautiful shape , prices are expensive , but if you are not fit to wear , or uncomfortable, even his feet were raw ... the results are only one , is not suitable . Such as feelings , even the best external conditions , strong economic strength again , but do not call , is no good .
What is love ? What is the feeling ? What is a heart ? These are TV and film interpretation of the plot repeatedly to the practical life, and we fully appreciate how extraordinary ? I once lost and confused , even a little give up on themselves to think how such a long life , why not a year, day, or an hour ... Why such a long years of my life , why would feel in the waste and waste , why their Mind can never meet , never feel that they are not good enough , not perfect, not to their satisfaction ? General feeling of missing a corner somewhere , like cracks in the glass , like a stain on the white screen ...
Everyone has everyone's living law, every person to get along with each view and outlook on life ... Since when , my heart begins to balance, always in pursuit of some illusory things , certain unrealistic to think ahead Will be better ... so , doomed to be lost because they fail , will feel sad , because never have . Therefore, doomed in a lonely night, alone miss ...
The guy who ... I did not want to " blow " you never want more "harm" you, me and you do not blame only blame fate , feeling that things are not hard to get , do not feel that rely on time can nurture. .. So, I have to give up , be sure to stop there , as did JJ said to me , willing , there are homes have too ...
Over the past these days , more is moved , all you do for me I remember , you pay for me and I very grateful , but I can not make them smile, not your doing is not good enough It would be inappropriate ... is all that we can not be forced , so please let me also put yourself.
Like a long time , finally put it to you today, clearly , even had to cheat you have a new boyfriend ... Actually, my real purpose is to let you give up and stop wasting time and in me Energy , not worth it. I own it , obviously you do not have any feeling , but once again allows itself to accept you on my "good" , is my wrong , I have to kill your own vanity , but also harm themselves. So, today, on as farewell .
Finally made the decision ... finally determined for each day after that he will again face one of the world , though will be lonely, would be lonely, but I believe I will certainly strong will survive this The Curse of 100 days .
Up days, I promise a wish , give yourself a better future promise .